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Music Minors is an educational programme coming to a local nursery near you. The business has been started by Rachel Dunn, a former teacher of Music and Drama. Rachel is very passionate about Music and Drama, and feels like there is a need for this to be introduced to children during their pre-school stage of life. 

The idea behind Music Minors is to get children interested in music not just by listening or hearing it, but by actively being involved in performing music and using a range of musical instruments. ​This then puts the interest of music within them ready for school and to have music as an intergral part of their lives. 

There are huge benefits in children learning music and movement at this stage in their life. To help develop their social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills. To allow children to become confident, independent and expressive and this in itself will help your child during the most valuable years of their life. 

Free Taster Sessions......

One off work shop sessions available.

If your nursery is interested in a taster session then please feel free to get in touch!!

  • Qualified Teacher

  • Music and movement focussed

  • In line with EYFS outcomes

  • Promote independence, listening and attention.

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